3.7V 16340 750mAh Protected Li-ion Battery (4.5A discharge)



High current discharge

Battery and protection PCB is designed to withstand 4.5A high current discharge.

Measures 33mm in height

Short battery length allows battery to fit most applications.

Top protection pcb

Protection PCB built-in in the anode for high reliability.


  • Built-in protection PCB in the anode against short (4.5A), over-discharge (2.5V), over-charge (4.3V)
  • All battery connections are made using pure nickel plate
  • Uses dual DFN power mosfet design for high efficiency and lower operational tempearture
  • No battery memory effect, low self-discharge
  • Built-in battery over-heat protection
  • High voltage discharge platform
  • Gold coating brass button top design
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Typical capacity: 750mAh
  • Dimensions: 16mm x 33mm
  • Weight: 17.9 gram
  • SKU: 4120