Top binned CREE XP-G2 S3 LED

The brightest and most advanced duty flashlight is here!

Maximum lumen output

LED lumen

XM-L2 U4: 13501-1041/638/9

ANSI lumen2

XM-L2 U4: 11051-854/526/8

LED lumen

XM-L2 U2: 11801-910/557/8

ANSI lumen2

XM-L2 U2: 9651-746/459/7

Turbo boost technology

1) Turbo boost technology is activated every time you turn on at turbo output setting. It offers 25% more power to the LED for the first 200 seconds at turbo mode.

2) ANSI FL-1 lumen is the total overall light output being emitted from the flashlight. This measurement is generally more accurate as it takes into consideration the loss from reflector/lens/bezel. EAGTAC ANSI FL-1 Lumen output is measured using a calibrated integrated sphere one minute after turning on the flashlight.

Top binned LED

Cool White LED


Neutral White LED


XM-L2 and CREE are registered trademark of CREE Inc.

Color tint selection

Cool White LED

This gives you the maximum brightness output in its class and maximum beam distance.

Neutral White LED

If you need awesome beam output out in the woods, or areas with a lot of green vegetation, use our neutral white LED as it offers higher CRI (Color rendering index). Neutral white LED renders color like the sun in the afternoon. Neutral white LED is approximately 7% dimmer than our top binned cool white LED, but it's well worth the ability to see the real color of your surrounding.This gives you better color rendition and more accurate color relative to cool white LED.


Crazy 1105 ANSI lumen from a little light, excellent far projecting performance, excellent beam profile, great for close-up use with lowered brightness.

(Cool white LED beam profile shown above) Neutral white LED shares the same beam profile as its cool white version.

Output color transformer

Red color filter

Low light application.

Yellow color filter

Design to use in rain and fog. Also ideal for caving.

Blue color filter

Low light application. Great for investigation and inspection.

Green color filter

Great for hunting and fishing lighting.

Spot and floody beam

Diffused beam

Use the optional diffused filter to instantly transform between spot and floody beam. The floody diffused beam is great for close up work.