The not-so-bare essentials.

TX25C2 - high performance 1-2x18650 / 2-4xCR123A compact duty flashlight.

Supreme handling

The CNC precisely cut and rolled square-shape knurling provides a sure grip throughout the entire flashlight body. The super compact size and light traveling weight make it very handy to operate, even with one hand. It also allows tail-stand for ceiling bounce.

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Innovative design

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Highly customizable

Stainless steel pocket clip

The titanium coated stainless steel pocket clip clips on almost everywhere. To remove the pocket clip, remove the tail-cap, oring, and retainer ring at the tail-end, pull out clip, and replace everything (ensure you tight the retainer ring for proper conductivity at the tailcap).

Paracord lanyard

Carry the mil-spec paracord lanyard with or without the pocket clip. A stainless steel split ring is included. The flat tailcap allows users to place the flashlight on any flat surface to light up the surrounding with ceiling bounce.

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Button switch and twisty head

Signal switch

TX25C2 uses durable signal switch that is rated with 500,000 cycles of operating life. It's designed to operate and feels just like other tactical forward clicky switch, with the ability to instantly switch to 100% output or strobe. No current goes through the on/off switch means high efficiency, reliable switch mechanism, quiet and electrical spark-less operation.

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Smart head design.

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Rigid nylon holster.

Heavy duty nylon holster designed for
everyday wearing. Open top design makes
flashlight withdrawal quick and easy.

Self retention device.

Our holster features a locking device to
securely hold the flashlight inside
the holster.