The not-so-bare essentials.

T200C2 - high performance single 18650 / two CR123A cells flashlight.

High level of confidence

Gorgeous knurling

T200C2 offers a sure grip with its precisely cut knurling, slightly polished by nylon wheels to give excellent gripping comfort.

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Rigid flashlight holster.

Rigid built nylon holster.

Heavy duty nylon holster designed for everyday wearing. The holster also comes with a flip with a snap button for secure wearing.

Self retention device.

Our holster features a locking device to
prevent the flashlight from moving or
sliding inside the holster.

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Safety protection

Battery reverse polarity protection

Your safety is our first priority. Inserting battery in the wrong direction may lead to serious damage and fire. We incorporate a physical structure to protect against reverse polarity without compromise (battery with a protruding button top is required).

Try our world shortest Panasonic based 3400mAh protected 18650 with protruding button, it features industrial leading 3400mAh capacity and our trusty protective circuit is good for 6A of continuous output.

Battery stabilizer

We incorporate a spring loading mechanism in the flashlight body to prevent the batteries from rattling inside the body. This allows reliable battery contact regardless of head tighten or loosen.

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Always ready for you

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Carrying method

              T200C2 comes with i) stainless steel pocket clip and ii) para-cord lanyard. Kit version comes with additional iii) heavy duty holster.