D25M Ti

Top binned CREE XP-G S2 LED

Be the first to experience the powerful CREE XH-P50 LED!
2800 LED Lumen from a single LED. It's really bright.

MX25L3 XH-P50 Limited Edition

EAGTAC is world first flashlight manufacturer to incorporate CREE's latest XH-P50 LED in the product lineup. The XH-P50 LED quantity is extremely limited, don't miss your chance. There is no ETA on the LED availability once this small batch runs out. So, good luck!

What do I get?

The MX25L3 XH-P50 Limited edition is based on the popular MX25L3 design. To differentiate from the regular MX25L3 base model, we add a stainless steel head bezel, a tailcap with on/off switch at the back, a nylon holster with self-retention device, copper led star XH-P50 6V board, a light orange peel deep reflector and a laser engraved special edition XH-P50 logo on the flashlight head.

Performance measurement

  • 2800 LED lumen
  • 2400 ANSI FL-1 lumen
  • Four brightness level: 2800/1250/200/25 LED Lumen
  • Runtime: 1.5/3.3/21/350(3x18650 3400mAh)
  • Runtime: 0.8/1.8/12/210(6xCR123A 1700mAh)
  • Voltage input: 8V - 19V
  • Weight: 13o.z. (368gram)
  • 61,000 lux @ 1 meter (hot spot)
  • Beam distance: 540 yards / 494 meters
  • Spot angle 5.7° & Spill angle 86°


The CREE XH-P50 LED is a fundamental breakthrough in lighting-class LED performance and offers exceptional gain in output lumen. The XH-P50 is based on the CREE latest SC5 technology platform and offer longer life at higher operating temperature.

Compare to MX25L3 Base

  • Uses the latest CREE XH-P50 LED
  • (Premium color tint: OD, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D)
  • Deep aluminum reflector design with light orange peel reflective coating
  • Includes stainless steel bezel
  • Dual on/off switch on head and tailcap
  • Includes nylon holster with self-retention device
  • MSRP$209 (limited quantity)

CREE XH-P50 LED beamshoot at one meter